Online Let-Me-Go Course, Managing Emotions & Self Esteem courses by Dr. Wong Tat Ying (Canada)

Online Hold Me Tight Let Me Go Family Relationship Education Program緊繫我心讓我飛翔線上家庭關係教育課程

This new powerful attachment focused, online program based on Emotionally Focused Family Therapy is currently limited to families with adolescent children (10-25 years old) who are residents of Ontario. The demand for this program is expected to vastly exceed the number of spaces, please APPLY as soon as possible. Only families in which all participating members have completed the application and mandatory pre-course assessments (for parent/child) will be considered. Additional sessions may be added according to demand. 這具有能力更新家庭關係,以依附為重點,基於情緒取向家庭治療的線上課程,目前僅限於有青少年(10-25歲)的家庭和安大略省的居民。我們預計此課程的需求遠超名額,請盡快申請。所有參與的家庭成員必須完成申請表和課程開始之前的評估(家長/孩子)。我們可能根據需要添加其他日期。Investment: For family of 4 with 2 children, works out to less than $5 per family member per hour 投資: 有兩個孩子的四口之家,每個家庭成員每小時少於$5

Date and time 日期與時間: Fri. 31/07, 7:00-9:00 pm (information, Questions and Answers session for all applicants 為所有的申請者而設的諮詢,問答會議)

HMT LMG Program for families that are accepted 被接受參加 緊繫我心 讓我飛翔 的家庭: Fri. 14/08, 7:00-10:00 pm (Parents only 家長) Sat. 15/08 & 22/08, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, 2:00-5:00 pm (Parents and Adolescent Children 家長與青少年子女) Follow up session approximately 6 months after the program 課程後約6個月會安排跟進

Information 關於課程的資料: Introduction by Drs. Paul and Nancy Aiken (1:07), Dr. Sue Johnson (4:13), Yusha (1:49), Jessica (3:03), Fred (3:04), Yusha in Cantonese (1:35), Jessica in Mandarin (2:32), Fred in Mandarin (3:24), Julia in Mandarin (2:43), Elden in Cantonese (7:49)


科目: 重建自尊2 - 個人成長和權利 (2020年(週二) 9月15,22日,10月6,13,27日, 時間:早上10:00-12:30

科目: 處理情緒2 - 想法與信念 (2020年(週二) 9月15,22日,10月6,13,27日, 時間:晚上7:15-9:45

特價每科學費$60,(原價$85 晨鳥/夫婦/三人組優惠$75), 每科課本和音頻費優惠$30(原價是$30+$15) 學額有限,先報先得 Online Registration 網上報名

The Managing Emotions and Self Esteem courses at ABSCC in Toronto will continue using the Telehealth online format. Please register and share the course brochure for these powerful life transforming courses with people you care about and take advantage of the special price of only $60 CAN per course.

You can watch the first video session for each of these courses for free using the links below.

Introduction to EQ courses at ABSCC with Grace Health Centre

Introduction to format of EQ courses at ABSCC

重建自尊1-個人身份和價值 第一課:課程簡介 重建自尊2-個人成長和權利 第一課:接納自己 重建自尊3-維持自尊的界線 第一課:課程簡介 處理情緒1-認識與接納 第一課: 課程簡介 處理情緒2-想法與信念 第一課 處理情緒3-行為與關係 第一課

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