Faith changes lives - Dr. Wong Tat Ying

Katherine's miraculous healing from pancreatic cancer

A nurse for 41 years, Katherine was devastated by the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer after her CT scan just as she was about to enjoy her retirement. With her family and church praying for her, she experiences miraculous healing. Even with another CT scan prior to her surgery confirming the pancreatic cancer diagnosis, her tumour turned out to be benign, sparing her from the extensive surgery that was planned. Being prepared to trust and obey no matter what helped Katherine to maintain a positive spirit despite being diagnosed with one of the cancers with the worst prognosis and survival rate. Christ is the great physician who can heal us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Joseph's story of coming to faith in Christ from Buddhism

Growing up in a Buddhist family and studying his faith seriously, even to the point of teaching Buddhism and helping to found a Buddhist temple in Canada after his retirement as a Sergeant from the Royal Hong Kong Police, Joseph felt spiritually empty and unsure of his salvation until he found the living God and accepted Christ to be his Savior. Even at the age of 94, he is happy to share his faith and reasons why Christ gave him meaning and fulfillment in life in the Alpha class on 20191215.

Jackie's battle with cancer recurrence

Sharing by Jackie concerning her battle with cancer recurrence, faith and trust in God and staying positive for Alpha 20191208.

TY Sharing on Faith

Dr. Tat-Ying Wong was invited to share about what is true faith during the Alpha class on 20191229. Faith has both objective and subjective component, being sure of the truth and evidence for faith along with the subjective experience of trusting God throughout the many challenges faced in life.

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